UBK’s multi-band referencing

Insert a multi-band compressor on your mix and your reference mix. Split into these categories of frequencies and think in terms of textures. Compare. 80Hz and below – subs (weight). Too much makes it heavy and sluggish. 80 – 200Hz – bass (warmth) 200 – 500Hz – low mids (intimacy) 500Hz – 2kHz – midrange … Continue reading UBK’s multi-band referencing

Planet Performance podcast rig rundown

A few people asked about what I use for recording the Planet Performance podcast so here’s a quick rundown. This is just my preference, there are of course many other ways to do it. So what’s in the box? Two microphones. These are vintage Electro-Voice RE 635A. I got them from ebay for about $150 … Continue reading Planet Performance podcast rig rundown