Life (Stoyan Jams podcast, episode #3)

This one gem is called “Life”. It’s very short. Enjoy! It’s basically one chord. The thing is, putting music out there is just too hard, mainly because of our inner critic. Nothing is perfect, nothing is even close to good enough. Our creations are too precious. We don’t want them out in the cold wide … Continue reading Life (Stoyan Jams podcast, episode #3)

Ambient Bach: Stoyan Jams episode #2

I needed about a minute of ambient music and this is what happened. Three chords repeated with slight variations. Mostly stolen from Bach’s Prelude in C. Type these into MuseScore. Render in to WAV in MuseScore with samples for “strings”, then with “ooh”, then with “bassoon”. Copy these to Reaper. Cut some parts from “ooh” … Continue reading Ambient Bach: Stoyan Jams episode #2