Life (Stoyan Jams podcast, episode #3)

This one gem is called “Life”. It’s very short. Enjoy!

It’s basically one chord. The thing is, putting music out there is just too hard, mainly because of our inner critic. Nothing is perfect, nothing is even close to good enough. Our creations are too precious. We don’t want them out in the cold wide world, judged by others. My solution to this crippling inability to release music was – hey, I’ll just create a podcast, call it “jams”, very low key and unassuming. Can’t judge that. After all, it’s not “the real thing (TM)”. But guess what, even that wasn’t easy enough. One night I said – I’ll just release one chord. Can’t be any simpler. Well… it’s been almost a year. The caveat was that I want to use this one chord as an excuse to learn at least some of the tools I’ve been stockpiling – hardware and software. And record a bunch of instruments. And yup, there are a lot of instruments in here. For example a crappy old out of tune piano I recorded last summer while on a trip in Scotland. And a gong, located in the Facebook office in Seattle (Thanks for hitting it, Gan!)

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