UBK’s multi-band referencing

Insert a multi-band compressor on your mix and your reference mix. Split into these categories of frequencies and think in terms of textures. Compare.

  • 80Hz and below – subs (weight). Too much makes it heavy and sluggish.
  • 80 – 200Hz – bass (warmth)
  • 200 – 500Hz – low mids (intimacy)
  • 500Hz – 2kHz – midrange (energy, fire)
  • 2kHz – 5kHz – upper mids (bite, sharpness). Too little – mix sits behind the speakers. Too much – painful to listen
  • 5kHz and up – treble (sparkle). Too little – dull, lifeless. Too much – zingy, crisp.

Source: https://www.ubkhappyfuntimehour.com/ episode 205

An example of multi-band compressor is Reaper’s own ReaXcomp. Add to your mix, select a band and then click “Solo current band” to listen to this texture only.

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