EQ-ing drums

Some starting points based on advice from Bobby Owsinski (update: and others). Disclaimer: Subtle. Moves of more than 3dB mean you should probably move the mic.


  • Reduce ~ 200Hz to 500Hz (the mud-range) to remove boxiness
  • Reduce ~ 1.5k to remove honk
  • Add 1.5k-2k (kick-in) for more snap
  • Add 70-80Hz for fullness/tone (esp the clicky kick-in)
  • Add 5k for definition


  • Add 10-12k to make a crisper
  • Add 125Hz to make it fuller
  • Add 1k for definition.
  • Remove boxiness at 500-800Hz


  • Add at 10 kilohertz for sizzle
  • High-pass at 160Hz for definition
  • Reduce at 1k to make it thinner

Rack toms

  • Add 200 to 500Hz to make them sound fuller
  • Add 5k for definition

Floor tom

  • Reduce 150 to 500Hz to remove the beach ball
  • Add 5k to for definition


  • Add 10k for sizzle
  • High-pass at 160Hz for definition
  • Reduce 250 to 500Hz (low mids) and 3-3.5K to make room and reduce harshness

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