Not much to share at the moment, working on several projects at once… and finishing none.

One of the current projects is the second Anaconda Limousine album. The first one has me playing guitar and co-writing a hit (mwahaha!) called “Yesterday”, which is not a cover of Paul McCartney’s “Scrambled eggs”, but a whole other song. Listen…

Two other projects include rerecording my high-school band Gloria and my college band Luda Treva (Crazy Grass). 20 years later. Better late… or is it? Nothing to share at this point however.

Yet another project is called “the 404s”, the style of which I’d call “nerd rock”. It’s about covering famous songs with nerdy lyrics, such as PM (Project/Product Manager) outta control, Silicon Valley, Another LOC and so on. Hilarious to me a 3 other people (at the most), I can’t wait to share.

Then there’s “Rad”. Acoustic, open tuning, resonator guitars… Stay tuned for more.